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Yard Sale!

This past week we joined up with our neighbors to host a yard sale. We ran it at their farm since the parking was easiest at their place and borrowed a big tent to set up under. The weather was HOT! with temperatures in the 90's both days. We sold grilled hot dogs and hamburgers to help Naomi's sister to pay legal expenses as their family is struggling with a foster-to-adopt situation that has gone poorly. It is mind boggling how much work goes into organizing even a low key sale!

We divided up the work and with many hands were able to get everything set up and ready to go for a 9am start on Friday July 13th.

The week coming up to the sale my parents were visiting and the hay for the winter was baled and needed to be put up in the barn, which meant the barn needed cleaned out and the few old bales from last year needed to be pushed out and stored on pallets. All the while, the regular round of chores, driving kids to and from work, running around, church meetings and meals and laundry have to fit in somewhere!

The sale was for the most part a success, though a good bit of stuff just relocated from our farm to their farm ;) and vice versa. We made a bit over $200 when we figured it out so that was a good and we are hoping to sell a few of the bigger items that are left on craigslist.

The whole two day endeavor reminded me how much I am blessed by great neighbors and family.

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