12 weeks regular bouquet

12 weeks large bouquet

24 weeks large bouquet

24 weeks regular bouquet

Locally grown, herbicide and pesticide free seasonal arrangements every Monday.

12 weeks 6/15-8/31

24 weeks 5/4- 10/5

Two convenient pick up locations: Greenville or Hermitage, PA

Regular Bouquets 10 stems +filler

Large Bouquets 15 stems+filler

price includes tax

Bouquet Subscritions

Rendered Leaf Lard, wide mouth pints


local, pasture raised, all-natural

*limited supplies

WholeHog (yearling) $6 lb

purchase whole hog to be delivered to local butcher.

you pay butchering fees and chose exactly what cuts you want. Approx. 80lbs pork

*limited supplies and price is based on per pound hanging weight. (For a limited time quarter shares available at $6.50 lb)

 2052 Carlisle Road, Greenville PA


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