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Microbursts are Not Fun

This is our barn before the microburst, if I can get my computer to cooperate I'll post video of it after the storm. I didn't take any still shots because we were so overwhelmed. On August 18th a thunderstorm was passing just north of us going on an east to west track, just as the core of the cell was above us a massive down burst occured. The winds came out of the north with no warning. I had put away the dogs and had the horses in the barn due to risk of lightning strikes, but all the other animals were out.

Our windgage clocked the wind at 35mph but I am certain due to the damage we received that the gusts were upward of 60mph. If lasted about 20 minutes, dumped 2 inches of rain, knocked down the power lines and many trees. The wind pushed our big mobile chicken coop about 25 feet and killed 2 chickens, ripped off many heavy laden apple tree branches, snapped off a big ornamental pear tree and uprooted a 60 ft spruce tree and a big catalpa. Worse yet, it blew the ridge cap off our barn roof plus all the northern edge of the roof plus half of our big barn door and dropped the heavy ridge cap on my in-laws truck.

We all huddled in the basement during worst of the storm and feel very grateful that no trees came down on the house. More than one neighbor was not so lucky.

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