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Getting to the Root of the Problem

It can be easy to keep to let the days sweep you along and not step back and make sure that the most important things are center stage. Spring on the farm makes this even more challenging than normal. Life is happening so fast, the nights are finally above freezing with a vengeance and with temps not dipping below the mid fifties plants grow round the clock! It means tilled beds are covered in a carpet of green weed shoots with the lightest rain shower and fruit trees I was going to spray have passed correct bud stage in the middle of the night. "Go, go, go!" But perhaps it should be "Reflect, plan, go!" or "Breathe, plan, go, reflect."?

I am trying to faithfully return to my farm plans and annual calendar even after a week when life has gone completely off the rails. Primarily because that is the moment I need the "Reflect" and "Plan" elements in my life the most. When I went outside and saw that, while there had been no asparagus a day or two ago, NOW there were great branching shoots three feet high, and of course, no longer edible all along the row! Rather than beating my head against the wall, I made a note on my yearly farm calendar, got a knife and cut as many good stalks as were left and chalked that up to another learning experience; "Breathe" and sauté some asparagus!

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