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There is something to be said for..

When people start a sentence this way in American English what we are really saying is, "I am about to say something good about something you might normally think of as bad." There is something to be said for lingering winters here on the farm. It has been fairly calm and not too wet along with persistently cold so far this March. The many advantages of this? Fruit trees stay dormant, no premature budding that leads to frost damage and loss of fruit. The ground is frozen hard most mornings and that means less MUD! There is no threat of severe weather in the form of thunderstorms and high winds, so no worries about downed trees, torn tarps, ripped greenhouses, or trying to get the horses under cover in nasty weather. I have extra time to prune our very sadly neglected apple trees in the newly acquired orchard before the sap begins to run and extra time to plan and prepare. All good things, so when you are ready to tear your hair out in frustration at the lingering winter remember, not everyone is wanting to rush "shorts" weather.

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