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Surprise it's Spring, No wait it's Summer, Just Kidding It's Winter...

It was 41 degrees when I got up yesterday, by the time we got home from church it was 56 degrees and pretty chilly with a brisk wind, by dinner time it was a sultry 72 degrees and very humid, and this morning it is snowing, 34 degrees and blowing a hurricane! Ahh Spring! I am glad I have warm house and all my animals have snug pens and good windbreaks to easily manage the wild weather whiplash. There were severe storm warnings most of last evening and we just missed some really ugly super cells flying east that passed north and south of us. It's rather eerie to hear the faint wailing of the tornado siren from just over the border in Ohio between gusts of wind as the sky swirls with black and greenish clouds. Thankfully we sustained no damage and neither did any of our neighbors. The blessing and the curse of NW PA is weather; there's always variety and we almost never lack for water which certainly allows us to grow and make lots of wonderful things and it's never boring.

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