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Rooster Returns

It was a very pleasant surprise Saturday Morning when I went out to feed the horses opened the barn and looked up into the beams to say good morning to my two remaining banty hens when I realized way up in the peak of the barn a third head was peering down at me! "Mr. T!" I yelled which startled all the banties and they scattered. With a few, "Here Chick chick chicks." and a handful of cracked corn I enticed them down to get a good look at the returned prodigal. He looks good and seems no worse for wear EXCEPT all his lovely iridescent green arched tail plume feathers are GONE! There doesn't seem to be any injury with their absence but he does look a little less gorgeous now. So what happened? Did he wander over to the neighbors farm and tangle with their roosters? Was he grabbed by a hawk and managed to get free by giving up his tail feathers? Was it a bold cat? I have no idea, I am wishing I had "rooster cam" or a GPS locator on the little bugger so I could figure out where he went to but I am very glad he is back.

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