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Rain, Rain, Go Away!

It is tough to say but there are times we need a break. No farm can survive without the life giving blessing of rain. Here in NW PA we are blessed with an abundance of water. While I was taking my permaculture course I was on discussion boards with people from all over the world trying to farm their land and one of the biggest challenges for many is having enough water. Now I knowthere will dry spells again here in Mercer County and I am not looking forward to that, but BOY HOWDY has it been wet for the bulk of the last two years. Over the past few days we received over 6 INCHES of rain. This is the rain gauge after it tipped over and I set it back up again. And a bit over a week ago we got 3 inches. That is a lot of rain for September. The ground turns to mush and with temperatures beginning to fluctuate surprisingly livestock are more susceptible to illness than when it is bitterly cold. Learning to be creative, getting up in the night to make sure all the animals are as dry as possible and dealing with other surprises is what makes farming interesting and exhausting. And speaking of surprises...

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