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Oh Summer, You Came Too Soon

I want to share with you all that exciting things happening on the farm but alas the season has overtaken me in a big way. Last week, at about 4 am I went out to check on my horses. It was about 66 degrees and the full moon hung low over the western horizon glowing orange and bright through a light haze of clouds. It was very bright out and I didn't turn on my flashlight. I ducked under the fence and found my two mares dozing behind the barn. I walked between them and stood, in my pjs, perfectly comfortable, resting my arms over their summer slick backs, watching the moon and listening to the owls. Then I noticed them, the fireflies, fitfully flashing. They were not the thousands that will come, but here they were morse code light messaging around the paddock. This may not surprise you, you may have seen them already yourself. But by my observation, in western PA, we usually do not see fireflies until the fourth of July (maybe a week or two earlier) So to see them in late May blew my mind.

But all bets are off this year, from the coldest April in memory, to the hottest May we have skipped spring and catapulted into summer. This has made keeping up with the growing sprouting part of my life a dream too large to be dreamed, I am just trying not to drown (in weeds).

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