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Oh my Friends! What happened to 2016!!


Okay Okay no really, OKAY! so I keep having this fantasy that I’ll have more time to write, HAH!!  I will just have to go back to “making time” which is actually a goofy way of saying that writing and sharing with you all is a priority that can’t be ignored like feeding my kids, annual flu shots, and brushing one’s teeth but much more fun.

On that note I am in the process of building a website for the farm to be launched January 2017 with the farm’s name to be announced!  And I hope to link it to my phone so I can make updates throughout the day as I am working.

“But” you ask, “What about this past year, you know the 7 months you went silent after Merry aka “Bad Baby”  died?”  Well, I have a solution.  I am going to go back and create posts for each month I missed to share with you a bit of all that happened and to help me remember the insane volume of life events that occurred this past year.

May God bless you as you follow His Lead,

ox Nicole

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