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"Spring has Sprung" bulb subscription week 2

This week the bouquets will contain flowering branches of pear, nectarine, and peach, a variety of hellebores, grape hyacinth, specialty daffodils, and lots of tulips! A few bouquets may have a small branch of witch hazel, which a native flowering shrub, that looks a bit like forsythia but has a sweet scent. The weather this past week continues to see-saw pretty wildly and the hot temperatures over the weekend forced all the tulips (early, mid and late season) to bloom in five days instead of three weeks. The heat did let the ground dry out enough to pull out the tractor as we continue to prepare the four square flower beds along the edge of the pasture. In the future they will be able to be managed with hand tools, but we are still grading and doing drainage so heavy equipment it is!

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