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Missing: 1 Bantam Rooster-Again!

Mr. T with all his tail feathers before he disappeared the first time.

Once again Mr. T is missing :( We do not need bantam chickens but they are my family's favorite form of outdoor entertainment and I miss his little crow in the mornings. He turned up last time, sans his tail feathers, after three days of being who knows where. Perhaps he will again, I don't know but it's been three days and this is a chicken story not the Easter story, so no guarantees that he'll turn up. He was not only a good rooster but I am hoping a good father because Creamy Hen is sitting about 20 eggs right now that are due to hatch in a week or so. If all goes well we may be overrun with little Banty Roosters and looking to get rid of them but until then, we are keeping an eye out for our little wayward Rooster.

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