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Letter to friends 2.2.14


HAPPY GROUNDHOG’S DAY What crazy idea? If meteorologists with nexrad radar are wrong 50% of the time, what are the odds for an oversized rodent?  We all get so stir crazy in late winter I guess anything will do for entertainment. We are battling a series of mild yet vexing illnesses and that in combination with the grey skies is making for long days and short nights. Samuel just got his PSAT scores back and did very well and so far he and Sophia are maintaining 4.0s. Tessa and Riah are also doing very well. They have been taking advantage of the cold and snow to play outside and Riah has been building figures in the snow all by himself before this rain started. I am in a bit of a post holiday funk myself. As we wait to see how God will guide us into the next season with Mike graduating, it is hard to be patient. I am ready to KNOW what will come next. Ah well, pray for me as I endeavor to live all that I know to be true, it sometimes is easier in the moment to slump and behave badly. Then of course I have to apologize all around; to Mike, the kids, the cat and the dog for my impatience or rudeness, it really is better in the end to behave well but it requires self control and I find I have a lot more room for growth in that department. Blessings and sunshine in your heart if it’s lacking overhead, Nicole p.s. I was reading E.M. Forrester so forgive the wordy prose.

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