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Keeping Up With (not) the Kardashians

You may have noticed a steep drop off in blog posts this past month. There is a great reason for this; it's spring, actually summer (though not officially, however i declare it's summer when daytime highs are over 80 and nights never dip below 50). It happened so fast, we went from being about two weeks behind; trees budding, pasture growth, migrating birds, etc... Now, we are about two weeks ahead and it all happened in the span of four weeks! Crazy. The farmers around here are scrambling to catch up to the new reality of "go, go, go!" when it has been "wait, wait, wait" but the weeds are on board! The grass is also in to the new grow all night and need to be cut every three days schedule too. So we have been working long days in spite of the pollen induced haze (did I mention the effect of the rapid season shift on allergy inducing pollen? No, well let's just say there's A LOT of it this year.) We look forward to catching our breath once the garden is in and the flower beds have been seeded.

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