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Beauty is a Daily Gift

Updated: Jun 25, 2018

I think I must be boring to listen to since pretty much every day I find myself saying, "This is so beautiful!" I am blessed in this season to live in a place that is truly, amazingly, b-e-autiful! In the city I would often see very beautiful things that were illuminated by the surroundings of human made detritus. The ugliness of man made stuff made the beauty of nature even more brilliant, but it also made me heart sick for sunlight and green spaces. I would feel a bit frantic when the wind was rising and clouds were rolling in and I couldn't see. I couldn't see the motion of the sky or feel the gusts and hear the trees bend and creak. Now anytime, I want I can open the door and head outside or better yet I am usually outside already and guess what?

It's sooo beautiful!

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