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Add a Pig, Lose a Chicken

Today we picked up a new addition, a registered Guinea Hog Boar, from Linesville, PA. He is 8 weeks old and is not sure if he likes us. I actually wish I were better at videotaping because When we went to transfer him from his crate to the pen, he made a break for freedom and Mike made a NFL worthy dive and tackle and snagged him before he went feral on us. I stood a bit dazed while my brain was trying to come up with ways to entice a loose and lost baby pig to come back to us, luckily we never needed to figure it out.

Later I was doing chores with Riah and he asked, "Where is Mr.T?" (our banty rooster). I looked around, he had been under the bird feeder when we came home with Little Boar, but now he was no where to be seen. Brown hen and Creamy were under the hay cart but no Mr.T. After a lengthier search he is still awol, which is sad because we are really fond of him and he is a good rooster.

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