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Letter to Friends 3.24.14

3.24.14 momcam moon steam psanky 024

Hello all you wonderful people!

Since Spring has decided to drag it’s feet I thought I’d share a hot bowl of chicken soup and homemade rolls.

Doesn’t it look yummy!  It’s funny how great pictures can make things look different than the “real story” behind them 🙂  Take for instance those lovely rolls (homemade no less).  “I am very busy, I don’t have time to make homemade rolls.”  You are thinking to yourself.  “What a great homemaker Nicole is to make her family homemade rolls.”

Ahh, but what actually happened was I had a headache. I laid on the couch, my eyes covered with a scarf, a very cranky woman.

“Sophia, get out the homemade pizza crust recipe from the box, follow it, use the Kitchen Aid mixer to knead it.  Then throw it in a pot and put it over here by the woodstove to rise.”

I continue to lay in darkness occasionally directing 14 year old Sophia on the mixer  till the dough ends up in  covered pot, rising for supper.  In comes Dad,

“Hey, babe I hate how whole wheat-ey your pizza crust tastes, so guess what, I bought Trader Joe’s pizza crusts this morning they’re in the fridge I’ll make the pizza.”  (silent internal wail and pursing of lips over lack of communication)

“What I am supposed to do with the crust that is pushing the lid off the pot over here!”  says the cranky wife.  (This is of course a missed opportunity to encourage both husband and daughter)  “Well, make rolls or something.”

So after dinner, all hands on deck to turn four pizzas worth of crust into 3 baking sheets of little rolls.

3.24.14 momcam moon steam psanky 001

Sometimes a picture hides a  thousand words.

I will try to get another letter out this week, so much to share, but for now I have to go…


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