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12.5.13 Letter to Friends



Hello friends, Just in case there are those of you who think that my house is always in order or those of you who have never been to my house who think, “Oh, she owns a organization and cleaning business her house must look spotless all the time!”  Think again!


Due to inclement weather, neither set of grandparents made the cross-state trip out for Thanksgiving.  We instead, shared the meal with other bad weather orphans, several families that had either not been able to travel or whose guests didn’t make it either.  It was very enjoyable and we needed to eat that fresh turkey some how or another.


So we decided to use the “vacation time” to tear our first floor apart and repaint everything as well as getting some of our built-ins (that we planned for but never built) started.  We are continuing to make progress and you can now walk through the first floor and we have places to sit and eat again, but the work is of course not all finished. We did get the two long walls and ceiling painted and the lights re-installed. AND Yesterday we got the bookcases between the the diniring and living rooms secured and finished too.Yeah family! More to come later, Nicole

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