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Sam and Teddy 18 months

Hello Dear Friends, It is with great joy and sadness that I announce that my darling Samuel is going to be SIXTEEN tomorrow!

Can you believe it! I decided to dedicate this letter to a quick walk down memory lane.

8-10 2005 185
June22- Sept12006 085

Sam has always been the scientist, mr.logical, “How?” (never why, think scientist not philosopher)  

8-10 2005 045

He was never the dare-devil and would wait at the top of the stairs to be carried down.  He was afraid to swim at first, scared of grass the first time we tried to set him down on it, and he mastered the monkey bars just a few months before ‘Riah who is almost six years younger. He was always a talker and when Sophia came along for almost two years he talked for the both of them. Sam took to another sister just fine.  He and Tessa have had a far more antagonistic relationship with more squabbling but also a very intense love and Sam is both protective and bossy towards her. 

8-10 2005 006
familyhomeschool eberz4-7.07 005
playing summer nana beechwood acres 2008 001
familyhomeschool eberz4-7.07 003
new camera christmas 12.07 1.08 001
mom cam end of haiti June -Oct 2010 001
mom cam end of haiti June -Oct 2010 040
mom cam end of haiti June -Oct 2010 095
mom cam end of haiti June -Oct 2010 190
mom cam end of haiti June -Oct 2010 332
2- 2011 Mom Cam 002
2- 2011 Mom Cam 032

(Brothers in matching Christmas Pj’s)

2- 2011 Mom Cam 094
nikon 7.2011 012
Fall 2011 059
spring 2012 momcam 022

Sam at our dear friend’s wedding and he’s in a suit!

nikon picture guito-post haiti2010 361
2010-12 mom cam 059
nikon picture guito-post haiti2010 193
October 2010 nikon 374

(all the boys on Rippey Street back in 2010)

October 2010 nikon 373
10.31.13 Halloween fall 2013 momcam 042
september 2013 momcam fall fest swartzs 321
june 2016 momcam KI 110
11.12  2.13 momcam 092

ox Nicole


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