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11.20.14 letter to friends




Back in the city, I always plant some pumpkin seeds by our back fence when we are done carving for Halloween. This year we harvested 4 carving sized pumpkins and 3 little ones and hosted pumpkin carving on our side deck. 


Our neighborhood gathers for a pizza dinner, group photo and then trick or treating together, this year in the rain.  

photo 1


I continue to plug away at the Outdoor Environmental Classroom project at PUCS.  We have most of the framing done for the shelter, the dry well is filled and covered, and we installed the donated culverts into the mounds of dirt left from the excavation to create climbing and hiding areas.

Now that the weather has changed we are turning our attention to the many items on our punch list in the house as well as remembering to count our blessings, because in truth there are so many it boggles the mind.

<ox>< Nicole

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