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Singing Wren farm is a family farm in the Shenango Valley.  We sell cut-flowers, select perennials & native plants, and pork from heritage hogs. Singing Wren Farm Studio provides floral design services, wedding flowers, and art classes.

Established in 2016, we are a new farm on an old farmstead that had been unmanaged for many decades.  In 2015, we purchased the farm and in 2017 we purchased an adjoining smallholding to bring us to our present size of 22 acres.  This farm is a work in progress, where birth and death, growth and decay, sowing and harvest coexist.  We make mistakes and strive to learn from them.  Since taking over management of the land our fields are now organic pastures planted out in clover and grasses.  We added cut flowers and our floral design studio in 2020. Our flowers are grown all naturally without herbicides or pesticides.  Our pigs, chickens, and horses all feed off the hay we bale from our fields.  We are in the process of developing a permaculture inspired vision for the entire property. 

The foundation and motivation for our farm is a deep-rooted faith in Jesus Christ.  We serve at His pleasure.


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Meet  Team Carlin


Nicole and Mike

I am the farmer and pastor's wife.  Mike is the pastor and farmer's husband.  I grow and he builds, I do the writing, he does the numbers and we dream together.

Riah and Sam

We are blessed with two great sons. Riah loves the outdoors and helps around the farm.  Sam has moved on but he is our tech support and cheerleader from afar.


Tessa and Sophia

Our cup runneth over! Tessa  helps whenever and wherever she can with grace, joy and competence.  Sophia is about to launch out into life but she is our animal health and training expert, heavy lifter as well as mechanic and builder in training.



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Go to our instagram page at #singing_wren_farm

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