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Thanksgiving Work Day

Now, I hate to do it, but it always seems to happen. When my two oldest kids are home from college, we try to think of fun family things to do. Unfortunately, there always seems to be a few big projects for which we need some extra hands, or unexpected opportunities for which we also need some extra hands. We knew we would be splitting wood this vacation, since we had borrowed a wood splitter and had wood that needed splitting. The only heat source in our farm house is a wood-burning stove, thus wood splitting and stacking has become a new form of family "entertainment".

But the fencing was a complete surprise. We have been talking about fencing the 5 acres of land around our house and the property we bought at the tax sale. We have gone back and forth about expense and materials and.... And each time the expense issue ends the discussion. Until this past weekend, when Mike, the king of Craigslist, found a guy looking to unload 5 acres worth of fencing ASAP. The only catch was we needed to come and pull the fencing and dig up the posts. So, the only sunny of Thanksgiving break found us in Ohio pulling t-posts and winding up 4 foot fencing. In the end it took us about 4 hours and for four hundred bucks I think it was a good deal. AND we had some fun family time working together, at least I think we did, it was hard to tell since all the kids were asleep in the back of the truck on the ride home.

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