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So much NEWs so little time!

How wintery things looked back in April

Spring is rapidly drawing to a close. We have passed our final frost (possible) date last weekend having gotten a two week head start on the season by gambling that we wouldn't get a hard late frost and we didn't! We did get down to 36 degrees a few weeks ago and bit of frost settled here and there but it didn't do any noticeable damage. The garden is coming along and I am aggressively working to keep the weeds under control. I am only planting when I have mulch or weed free soil to plant into and so far so good. The other parts of the garden I am waiting to plant, get covered with traps to smother any weed starts.

The beginnings of this year's garden, peas, broccoli and onions

Peach trees covered to protect from frost

We have many new additions in the past couple of months. which I will post about separately, but in total we have 7 new pigs and 17 new bantam chickens. It's been a really busy season with helping at the church, the kids and Mike going on a mission trip to Philadelphia, and Tessa's graduation approaching this weekend. I have lots of short videos from this past spring and winter, we'll see if I can get any of them uploaded ;)

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