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Long Day, Good Day

(Photo of a neighbor's farm from my drive home yesterday)

I had a very busy day in Pittsburgh and I am pleased to say "Thank You" to all the new customers of Singing Wren Farm! Mike and I had an appointment in town and I did some reaching out to potential buyers. I left with 15 dozen eggs, a bag of garlic bulbs and a cooler of leaf lard. After giving a presentation on the beneficial role of wasps in the garden at Pittsburgh Urban Christian school (PUCS). I began a meandering loop through the East End dropping off deliveries. It was a bit overwhelming and I now have a lot to think about to tweak my business model but it was exciting to see all that good product turn into resources that I can 'plow" right back into the farm for the spring season. By the time I got home, finished chores, made home-made pizza for dinner and sat down it was 7:30pm (we had started at 6am to get chores done before we left) and I was BEAT! But very happy.

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