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Due to hosting our daughter's wedding at the farm, there will be NO deliveries or flowers July 7-23, Thank You.

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Singing Wren Farm 2023 Flower Subscriptions are delivered to three possible pick-up location for your convenience. We are unable to offer farm-to-home delivery at this time. This flower subscription is a form of CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) and payment for the whole season secures your spot.  In undertaking this venture you are sharing the risks and bounty of the farmer’s season.  Some flowers may perform beyond expectations and others may do poorly, therefore your bouquets will represent the peak seasonality of a working local farm.

Caring for your flowers: Flowers will be picked within 24-36 hours of delivery and prepared for maximum vase life.  Some varieties will have a longer vase life than others but the most important action you can take is to ensure that the vase water is replaced with cool fresh water every day with a few drops of bleach to minimize bacterial growth and to place the flowers out of direct sunlight.  Weekly information about different varieties will be posted on the website.

Subscription Dates:  The start of the season may need to change due to seasonal challenges but the number of weeks will be honored.  Any changes will be communicated via email.

Pick-up locations & expectations:  Red Start Roasters, Centered Coffee, and our Highland Park host porch will be 1201 N Sheridan 15206 to the front porch.  The bouquets will be delivered each (day tTBA) around 1pm.  Your bouquet will be labeled with your name. The pick-up time frame is from 1-6pm for the coffee shops and 1-8pm for the porch pick-up.  If you don’t pick up your bouquet by 8pm it is donated to the host.  If you are on vacation or cannot get your bouquet during the subscription season, you may have someone else pick-up for you or you can let us know and we will donate your bouquet to a Shenango Valley retirement home patient that needs cheering up.

Shenango Valley Residents bouquets will be ready for pickup, labelled, and by the red barn for your convenience.

Payment can be made either via check or paypal once we hear from you.

Thanks for submitting!

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